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Icons -- Fruits Basket

» [25] Fruits Basket

I've been wanting to do some more Furuba icons but couldn't decide where to begin xP
so here's some from Volume 16 to celebrate it coming out in the US.

heh, I'm curious to see the reactions from you-know-what in V. 17 when it's officially released...

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25

» Please comment if taking x)
*Specifying the exact numbers is great! It lets me know which styles you
all like most so I can make more of them.

» Please Credit _mrowr @ muffyface when used

» Joining is appreciated xD!
» Textless icons are not bases, please don't edit
» Request an icon?
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Pretty. ^^ I like the light colors.
Thanks for sharing!
Your icons are SO pretty! I love your coloring! ^_^
Taking #12, #13, #14, #23!
Thanks a lot!

Deleted comment

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Here's what I snaggled:
1, 5, 13, 25

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Snagged #2 for storage in my photobucket... so pretty! Great job on the soft colors!
Took a few!
I cannot wait for volume 17 to come out in English. It'll be funny to see peoples reactions, not to mention I won't have to worry about spoiling anyone ever again. :D It's annoying saying "he" when talking about Akito when you clearly know Akki-chan is a "she."

23 makes me laugh. ^^=
OMG, 23 has me lmao!!! Momiji's been spending too much time with Shigure, I see. ;)
#23 is awesome! XD
Snagging #12. :D
All very pretty, but have snagged a few... the writing's kinda hard to read on several of them though... Anyways, thanks for making them. ^.^
I know what you mean about "you-know-what" from vol. 17. I especially cannot wait b/c I had someone not believe me when I tried to tell them (they asked) b/c stupid Anime Insider magazine said otherwise!!! >_< They chose to believe a crappy magazine over me (I even showed them the picture from the manga!!) so I cannot wait for them to be soooooo wrong! >:D

And great icons, BTW! ;D
hahaha, that's awful! I wonder how fangirls who are totally in love in Akito will take it xP

How can Anime Insider deny that...!?!?

haha, hope you get a great feeling of satisfaction ;D I think I'd cry if they somehow edit our American version to change that part or something

& thanks ^^!
A while back, Anime Insider answered a letter from someone asking if the rumors they heard about Akito were true. Anime Insider gave them a reply in the magazine (that sounded like they were annoyed by the question) that basically said Akito is a boy, end of story.
I don't remember now exactly how it came about, but at an unrelated message board, Fruits Basket came up and I said something about knowing spoilers. Another member asked and I replied w/what I knew in a private message. Well, she didn't believe me b/c "Anime Insiders says this" and "they're a magazine so the must check the facts". Urgh! Sorry. It's just still a source of annoyance for me, mostly b/c the magazine sucks and if they didn't want to give spoilers for the series, why answer the letter in the first place?

I just wonder how many people read that and believed the stupid magazine. :p But soon they will all see! >:D Bwahahahahaaaaa!!! XD
I really like your coloring! what you did with 23 is hilarious :P may snag some later, will credit if I do :-)
These are really pretty, saved a couple will credit when used.
snagging 5, 9, and 23. Omg 23 is the win. XD something Tohru would totally do XD
I'm ridiculously curious, too~

Anyway, your icons are so ridiculously gorgeous. Taking all Yuki ones :D
very very veryyyyy cute icons!! i love your coloration <3 really love all of them.
Not taking any but HAHAH!

#23 wins! xD

Beautiful job on the icons~!
taking #4, #5, #16 and #20!
gorgeous icons! will credit if used. ♥
Snagging #s 3, 9 and 21. Will credit. Thanks! <3