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Icons -- Twilight, Pokemon

» [20] Twilight
» [11] Pokemon

Icons using the Japanese Twilight illustrations, a New Moon set most likely coming soon xD
*Sorry for no Carlisle/Esme icons, I love them both as a couple & as seperate characters but not so much how they look in manga form ^^;
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20

I randomly chose a few to begin with but I'll take requests if you wanted a specific Pokemon (granted that they have front facing pictures that will work for these "Pokemon Face" icons ^^ & also keep in mind that the icon will be put in the batch so others can use it as well)
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12

» Please comment if taking x)
*Specifying the exact numbers is great! It lets me know which styles you
all like most so I can make more of them.

» Please Credit _mrowr @ muffyface when used

» Joining is appreciated xD!
» Textless icons are not bases, please don't edit
» No Hotlinking!
» Request an icon?
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wow! love twilight icons :D
Love #14, and I love the Pokemon ones as well! Especially number five. So cute!
Your Twilight icons are fantastic. :) You did a great job coloring them!
I really like the one of Alice and Jasper
These are awesooommmmee~ ♥

I love your colouring & you did Edward's hair waaaay better than me XD & The Jigglypuff is socute!!

Probably take some later. Great job! X)
The Twilight ones are AMAZING. You did a beautiful job coloring them!! I'm going to be greedy and steal them all for future use. I hope to see more from you!! ^_^
Love 15. Definitely Snagging. :3
I am in love with the Twilight icons. It's so hard to find decent ones.

You are my hero. ♥
MUDKIP! can you do a mudkip?
mudkip's up x)
Ahhhh the Twilight icons are amazing ♥ I will so be snagging some =D
snagging quite a few! And I have a few pokemon requests

I'm sorry, not to be rude or anything but you've requested a lot of icons from me, is it possible to narrow down your list to maybe 2 or 3 that you most want and also do that if you request anymore in the future x)?

If you really really want all of those, could you find the pictures for me then? Thanks.
Gomen ne. I didn't think that was a lot.

Well then....

they're all up x)
Man! I LOVE the twilight icons. Awesome job. :D I'm snagging a ton of them. Will credit.
twilight icons - teh awesome!

also pokemon ♥

could you do venonat, maybe?
venonat's up x)
Love the Twilight icons ^^ very beautiful...

haha.. and Pokemon [sighs] reminds me of the good ol' times ^^" heh...
Snagging almost all of the Twilight icons! I've been looking for some pretty colored icons of those pics. Can't wait for the New Moon set. :D

Also taking #1 from the Pokemon ones because with Diamond coming out at the end of the month my Pokemon fever's coming back with a vengeance. XD
Yea, sorry, I definitely commented in the wrong journal. XD Now that I'm in the right one, where did you find Twilight manga?! That's absolutely amazing!
Oh, it's not a manga really x) When they realeased Twilight in Japan, the released it as three books and the books had a couple of pictures inside and those are what I used for the icons

I used scans from here, New Moon has them too
aww! these are adorable!
will take some.
Excellent! Taking #8 of the Twilight! :D
These are just lovely! Since I'm a big hit with the Twilight series I'm snagging number 2,4, and 9. Will credit.