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Icons -- Multi-fandom

» [31] Kingdom Hearts
» [25] Fruits Basket
» [17] Death Note

» PART ONE over here
(Ouran, Final Fantasy, Saiyuki, Bleach, Naruto, FMA)

The first group of "fueled by" icons got pretty image heavy so here's PART TWO XD

*If there is a character you'd like to see that I've missed -- feel free to ask for them!
(& supplying me with a picture you'd like me to use is GREATLY appreciated)

FF characters not included because they have their own set & most of the other Disney characters not included because they'll most likely have their own set eventually x)
3/14 -- Aerith

Ansem Ansem the Wise Axel Demyx DiZ
Donald Goofy Halloween Sora Hayner Heartless
Kairi King Mickey Larxene Lexaeus Lion Sora
Marluxia Mer-Sora Namine Nobodies Olette
Org XIII Pence Riku Roxas Saix
Sora Vexen Xaldin Mansex Xigbar
Zexion Aerith


Akito Ayame Hana Haru Haru 2
Hatori Hiro Kagura Kakeru Kazuma
Kisa Kureno Kyo Kyo 2 Kyoko
Momiji Momiji 2 Rin Ritsu Shigure
Tohru Tohru 2 Uo Yuki Yuki 2


Aizawa Aiber Kira L Matsuda
Matt Mello Mikami Misa Near
Papa Yagami Raito Rem Ryuuku Sayu
Watari Wedy

possible upcoming fandoms
Sailor Moon
Saiyuki ADDED 3/9 in PART ONE
Fushigi Yuugi
Death Note ADDED 3/16
Get Backers
Full Metal Alchemist ADDED 3/10 in PART ONE
Rurouni Kenshin
Peacemaker Kurogane
Fruits Basket ADDED 3/14
Kingdom Hearts ADDED 3/12
Lord of the Rings
» Please comment if taking x)
*Specifying the exact numbers is great! It lets me know which styles you
all like most so I can make more of them.

» Please Credit _mrowr @ muffyface when used

» Joining is appreciated xD!
» Textless icons are not bases, please don't edit
» No Hotlinking!
» Request an icon?

Tags: death note, fruits basket, icons, kingdom hearts, panida
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These icons have so much win I can't even display it via internet. :O ♥
Awesomeness! I'm snagging a few, I'll be sure to credit.
Love these! :D Taking Kairi, will credit.
could you do an Aerith KH one? :3
sure, she's up x)


9 years ago

Yay yay!

Of course, taking the King.

Let's try again...do Fruits Basket next!
(hey, last time I asked for KH, and I got KH!)
& now you've got Furuba ;D


9 years ago

taking the Xemnas one, and yes, I AM fueled by him. ;)

Deleted comment

Hrm, maybe I will later on x)
I've got another 100 icon claim already xD
Axel will credit!
I loove the Furuba icons,
I've been looking for some good ones lately!
Had to snag the Marluxia and Larxene ones~! Will credit, of course. :D

They're all so cuuute. x3
Saving a Couple Furuba, with Credit. :D
You win the internet. I'm snagging a fair few ;D Will credit!

Deleted comment

DN ones are up x)!

& you're welcome ^^
wheeeE~ i took the fuled by zexion and the fuled by akito
whhee akito and zexion<3
good work =]
Saved Axel and Kyo! Will credit :3
Saved most of the KH-ones, Kazuma and the Mabudachi-boys for later use, will credit. Thank you ^_^
oh these are adorable, I love the templates for all of them, the text and colors in the pictures. very nice!
these are beautiful. i took the two kyos and the two tohrus. thanks so much!
lol, I'm amused because you made two Raitos with one of them for Kira. Nice. I snagged a bunch of DN and will credit. Thanks a lot. Oh btw, may I know which font do you use for the text?

~ m a y ~
haha yeah -- big eyes Raito & shady eyes eviler Raito xP

fueled by is 'five cents' & the character's name is 'fat boy slim' x)
both from dafont.com


9 years ago

:O Whoa! Taking so many DN ones! XD These are totally awesome, Panida-chan!~
i dont get the 'fueled by' thing
& is the Near artwork official or fan art
It's another way of saying "I really like this character" I guess xP
& it's official as far as I know.
Oh haha these are great. Grabbing the Rem and Misa ones... and the Vexen one, why not.

OMG, i'm in love with these DN icons, taking a few, will credit when use!)))
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